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Orchestra a Thrill to Watch and Hear

Megan Karls, Violin

Maria Ritzenthaler, Viola

"Wow! The Great Falls Symphony Orchestra, chorus and soloists were wonderful the evening of April 1. I’m a 79-year-old retiree who just moved here last November from Chicago where I had been supportive of the arts, especially lyric opera and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. How lucky I was to move here to be near my granddaughter and her family. How lucky you natives are to have these cultural marvels in your midst.

I’ve been to a Great Falls Symphony Orchestra concert previously where they proved their talent and professionalism. The chorus was new to me and I enjoyed their obvious talent and training. I would have liked more!

I’m saving a large amount of my praise for Miss Megan Karls (violin) and for Miss Maria Ritzenthaler (viola). Both myself and my missy were thrilled by their performance. They gave us their gift of talent, training, and most of all wonderful passion and beauty. Play it again, Megan and Maria. You left me in tears. Brava, brava, and thank you."

—Michael Mayer

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