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Each auditioning student must complete the Audition/Registration Form prior to auditioning.
The next round of entrance auditions for the Fall 2023 semester will take place on 
Tuesday, September 5th.
*Note that a previous version of this site listed Tuesday, August 29th as the deadline. This as been updated to align better with the GFPS calendar.*
Entrance auditions for Spring 2024 will take place on Tuesday, November 28th.
Youth Orchestra

Entrance auditions will be held by video submission only.

Videos must be submitted no later than the audition date.

Submit videos to


Entrance auditions will be held live at the Mansfield Theater from 4:00-6:00pm.

Contact to schedule a time.

Audition/Registration Form

Thank You! Please be sure to download the applicable audition material below if auditioning for Sinfonia or Youth Orchestra and follow the instructions located above.

Registration Form
Video Submission

Video Submission Instructions

Audio/Video Quality

There are no specific requirements for applicants' audio or video quality, but it is in the applicant's best interest to submit the highest quality video available to them. Videos of sufficiently poor quality or where there is question of authenticity or identity may be disqualified.

Submitting Video

Videos shall be submitted either directly to or as a YouTube link. If submitting via YouTube, the file name should include the applicant’s name, the composer, and the title of the chosen solo/excerpt/scale. Please note that videos should be unlisted with all comments and ratings options disabled.

Audition Material


Please note that we are currently  transitioning to align our audition materials with All-State Audition requirements. While we are in transition, students may audition for GFYO with either the All-State materials for their instrument or the material below.


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