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DSC_0280 Audience Wide shot
DSC_0015 Kids in Lobby
DSC_0058 Audience from brass
DSC_0201 Megan in aisle
DSC_0209 Mary & Megan
DSC_0193 Mary & Hippies
DSC_0151 Quintet
DSC_0190 Mary Maria Thad
DSC_0110 Anvil Chorus
DSC_0148 Gordon
DSC_0011 Kids outside
Youth Matinee

Youth Matinee

Youth Matinee with no date.png

The Youth Matinee series is designed as an afternoon school field trip for grade school students and teachers. Experience the magic of the symphony in a fun and educational setting!


Reservations are required

Our upcoming concert is


1-2 pm

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early

Mansfield Theater

2 Park Drive South

Great Falls, MT


Contact us with questions at 406-453-4102 or email us at


Public schools, private schools, home school communities, and all other youth education organizations are welcome!

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