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The Second Performance Project of the Great Falls Symphony Association provides an opportunity for orchestral and chamber works that have been premiered––but never performed again––to have a second performance. Each year, the GFS and its resident chamber ensembles, the Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds, will select an eligible piece to include during the following season.


Composers are welcome to submit their own works. Additionally, a nominator may also submit works on a composer’s behalf - if, say, the composer is no longer living or otherwise unable to complete the application.

Deadline: February 10, 2023. Eligibility Requirements (PDF)

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Composition eligibility:

  1. Works must have received one and only one performance. Multiple performances as part of a single concert cycle - that is, performed by the same ensemble as part of the same program - are acceptable.

  2. The first performance must not have been by the GFSA (either the Symphony or one of its resident chamber groups).

  3. Works may have been played as part of an informal workshop - that is, an unpolished preview-style read-through - but this is not considered a performance; the work must have been performed publicly (again, exactly once) as a “finished product” on another occasion.

  4. The work must not have any planned performances in the future.

  5. The work must not have been commercially recorded.

  6. No chorus or concerto/vocal soloists.

  7. There is no set orchestration, but practicality and inclusion of the orchestra membership will be considerations. So while works for large orchestra, strings only, symphonic winds, one-on-a-part strings, etc. may be considered, works closer to standard full orchestra forces are more likely to be chosen.

  8. For chamber works, the instrumentation may be any subset (2-9 players) of the combined forces of the standard string quartet and wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, two violins, viola, cello). Standard doublings (piccolo, bass clarinet) are generally acceptable - applicants are encouraged to ask about specific doubling requirements.

  9. Usable performance materials, score and parts, must exist and be available - the GFS will not provide engraving.

  10. While some post-premiere editing and cleanup is reasonable, the submitted work should be recognizably the same as the premiered work. If, say, additional movements were added to the work following the premiere, only the movements included at the premiere will be considered.

  11. The work must be more than 5 years old (premiered in 2018 or earlier).

  12. There is no official time requirement for the piece, but programming practicality will be a consideration. Works between 5 and 15 minutes in length are most likely to be chosen.

  13. Single movements of larger works may be considered, but complete works (either single- or multi-movement) are preferred.

  14. Composers/Nominators can submit a maximum of one piece per ensemble per year - that is, one orchestra piece and/or one chamber piece.

  15. Composers/Nominators may not resubmit the same piece more than once, but the GFSA may at its discretion revisit works previously submitted for consideration in later years.

  16. The GFSA may select multiple works, or none at all.


Composer eligibility:
There is no restriction of any kind on who can apply. All composers of any age, career status, nationality, or demographic group are welcome. By far, the most important considerations will be the quality of the work and its appropriateness for the GFS and its audience. However, the following factors may also be considered:


  1. Preference will be given to living composers.

  2. Preference will be given to composers primarily based outside of major population and cultural centers.

  3. Preference will be given to works that are unpublished or self-published.

  4. Preference will be given to composers who have not been selected previously.


Application requirements:
Please apply through this linked webform. In order to complete the application you will need to provide a weblink to an online folder (using a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox) including the following:


  1. Electronic scan of the program from the premiere. (This should be a scan of the actual program itself, including the program page that shows the name and composer of the submitted piece.)

  2. PDF score of the complete work in its complete orchestration (no short scores or reductions).

  3. Recording of premiere performance. (Only if this is not available can a MIDI be substituted. If you believe the premiere recording is somehow not representative of the work, you may include both the premiere recording and a MIDI.)

  4. Recommendation letter describing how the recommender knows the work and why it deserves another hearing. The letter must come from someone familiar with the work but not the composer, ideally someone intimately involved with the premiere performance: conductor, orchestra musician, executive director, etc.


Further requirements:

  1. Applications must be in English.

  2. All materials must be submitted online - no mail submissions, in whole or in part.

  3. If nominating on someone else’s behalf, nominators should verify that performing materials (i.e., parts) are accessible before applying.


Applications are due February 10, 2023. Results will be announced in March 2023.


The chosen piece(s) will be performed during the GFSA’s 2023-24 season. While there is no cash prize, any composer who wishes to attend the performance will have lodging provided and travel paid for within the United States.


Please contact us!

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