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Great Falls Symphonic Choir
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We make our community a better place to live through music.


To infuse cultural vibrancy into the Great Falls community through transformative music events and education programs.


To be an essential asset in Northcentral Montana that raises the quality of life for its citizens through outstanding performing arts programs.

Learn how you can support our mission and vision.

Core Values

Core Values

We add value to our community by providing outstanding and beautiful expressions of human emotion with every music event and program. 






Sheet Music

We are supported by over 250 talented volunteers who donate their skills and enthusiasm to promote a higher quality of life and a positive impact to the people in and around Great Falls. We are closely connected to the pulse of our community, and we strive to respond to Great Falls’ cultural identity in order to serve our citizens in meaningful and significant ways. 
We care deeply about our people and their needs, and we believe in treating everyone with respect. We strive to build partnerships with individuals and businesses that share our values so that we can be more impactful in our community. 

Violin Players

We believe in using innovative and creative ways to connect with our community in order to continually develop a legacy for Great Falls’ future. We are completely comfortable with challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries for the sake of the people who we serve. 






We are committed to be pragmatic about how we grow and protect our human and financial resources. The effective leadership of the Great Falls Symphony's Board of Directors and executives ensures that our human and financial resources are directly serving our Mission, Vision, and strategic plans for the future while making continual efforts to reduce waste, time, energy, and unnecessary expenditures.

Strategic Anchors


  • We believe our programs should positively impact the financial health of our organization.

  • We believe our programs should positively impact the long-term growth of the organization. 

  • We believe our programs should be designed for longevity.

  • We believe our programs should retain patrons, musicians, and partners. 


  • We believe in collaborating with the public schools.

  • We believe in providing scholarships so that our programs are accessible to all.

  • We place a strong emphasis on youth programs because we believe it makes our community stronger.

  • We provide programs that are family-friendly.

  • We believe in providing musical training opportunities for children and adults. 


  • We believe our programs should enhance the cultural vibrancy of our community. 

  • We believe in investing in our local economy. 90% of our revenue stays in Great Falls. 

  • We believe our programs should help drive tourism to strengthen our local economy. 

  • We believe in providing excellent entertainment. 

  • We believe in the live music experience. 

  • We believe in bringing people together. 

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