Great Falls Symphonic Choir
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The Great Falls Symphony Association


Infusing cultural vibrancy into the Great Falls community through transformative music events and education programs.


The Great Falls Symphony Association is an essential asset in Northcentral Montana that raises the quality of life for its citizens through outstanding performing arts programs.

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Learn how you can support our mission and vision.

Core Values

Artistic Excellence

The Great Falls Symphony Association adds value to our community by providing outstanding and beautiful expressions of human emotion with every music event and program.

Education & Outreach

The Great Falls Symphony Association fosters educational excellence for youth through our Youth Orchestra and Sinfonia programs, and we provide educational programs to under-served populations in and around the state of Montana and beyond each and every year. The Cascade Quartet and Chinook Winds ensembles travel more than 4,000 miles annually delivering high-quality programs to those that might not otherwise have access to outstanding professional musicians. In addition, the Great Falls Symphony Association partners with the public and private schools to present the Youth Matinee series—a fun and educational Symphony concert experience that reaches over 3,000 students each year.

Civic Leadership & Professionalism

The Great Falls Symphony Association is supported by over 250 talented volunteers who donate their skills and enthusiasm to promote a higher quality of life and a positive impact to the people in our community. 


Relevant Community Partner

The Great Falls Symphony Association is closely connected to the pulse of our community, and we strive to respond to Great Falls’ cultural identity in order to serve our citizens in meaningful and significant ways.

Organizational Viability & Innovation

The Great Falls Symphony Association is committed to growing and protecting our human and financial resources. We use innovative ways to connect with our community in order to continually develop a legacy for Great Falls’ future.

Accountability & Efficiency

The effective leadership of the Great Falls Symphony's Board of Directors and executives ensures that our human and financial resources are directly serving our Mission, Vision, and strategic plans for the future while making continual efforts to reduce waste, time, energy, and unnecessary expenditures.