The Orchestra

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Grant Harville, Music Director

Conductor’s Podium Endowed in Perpetuity by the Roberts Family Memorial

Gordon Johnson, Music Director Emeritus



Mary Papoulis, Co-Concertmaster*

Chair Endowed in Memory of the Irene and Ralph Dimke Family

Megan Karls, Co-Concertmaster*

Chair Endowed in Memory of William & Elizabeth Wiggen Bertsche

Susie Aron
Andrea Barrow

Chair Sponsored by the Barrow Family

Lisa Bollman

Stephen Cepeda

Helen Comer
Angela Costley

Chair Sponsored by Gary & Julie Harmala

Tamara Farr

Heather Hale

Stacy Hansen
Carol Helseth

Chair Sponsored in Perpetuity in Memory of Fern Blewett

Breana Hylla
Linda Lydiard

Chair Endowed in Memory of Beth & Fred Birch

Regina Marshall
Ian Nicklin
Millie Olsen

Steve Olson
Trevor Ostenson

Vikki Payne

Anna Stremcha

Valerie Westland

Molly Eunice Wilson
Kevin Wolfe


Alyssa Roggow, Principal*

Chair Endowed by Ruth Ryffel in Memory of Nana N. Hugos

Jeff Brainard
Laura Crist
Mary Fry

Garion Holian
Paula Jackson

Chair Sponsored by Shirlee Thiebes

Amy Letson

Sarah Schaeffer

Lisa Shull

Jennifer Smith

Valerie Winfield


Thaddeus Suits, Principal*

Chair Endowed in Honor of M.A. Roberts

Griffin Browne

Ruth Johnson

Chair Endowed in Memory of Katherine Watson

Linda Kuhn

Marla McFerrin

Elizabeth Quinby

Leah Schwandt

Christine Sopko
Mary Stelling

Chair Endowed in Memory of Mary Robinson

Emily Wolfram

Teal Zankie


Barbara Swaby, Principal

Chair Sponsored by Nancy & Ian Davidson

Misty Lynn Annala

Beth Britton

Max Johnson



Norman Menzales, Principal

Chair Endowed in Memory of Carl & Christie Field

Joy Geller

Kim Hoobler


Cameron Winrow, Principal †

Chair Endowed by Ron, Pat, Marian, & Burton Long in Memory of Nancy Anne Long

Christopher Kirkpatrick

Sheri Rolf

Jennifer Skogley


Paul Chinen, Principal †

Chair Endowed in Memory of Beth Wolff

Sue Logan

Lisa Sundquist 

Chair Endowed in Memory of Harriet Gray

English Horn

Sue Logan


Dorian Antipa, Principal †

Chair Endowed by Nancy Cameron

David Horne

Dean Zook



John Gemberling, Principal

John Kutzman

Dusty Molyneaux

Kellie Jo Settera

French Horn

Madeleine Folkerts, Principal †

Chair Partially Endowed in Memory of Bertha Feaster

Caroline Houtz

Clay Kellogg

Hannah Kittleson
Holly Molyneaux

Mike Nelson


Fred Wenger, Principal

Chair Sponsored by Shirley & Bob Jorgensen, Jr.

Adrian Massey


Benedict Kirby, Principal


Dennis Dell, Principal

Sarah Gallardo

Chase Mitchell

Tom Schaefer

Lauree Wenger

       Chair Sponsored by Glenn & Peggy Tremper


Brittany Barnes

       Chair Sponsored by Lisa B. Flowers


Michelle Payton

Chair Endowed by Dr. Brice Addison in Honor of Cindy Addison

Melissa Smith

Chair Sponsorship

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Stage Manager

Neil Sheldon

Librarian & Personnel Manager

John Gemberling

Piano Technician

Peter Briant

* Cascade Quartet Core Member

† Chinook Winds Core Member