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Beethoven at the Farmer's Market

Recognition for the Great Falls Symphony's flash mob appearance last Saturday at the Farmer's Market came from the League of American Orchestras' The Hub, a news resource for orchestras and classical music:

Great Falls Symphony: Beethoven at the farmer’s market

“The Great Falls Symphony Orchestra and members of the Symphonic Choir surprised the Great Falls Farmer’s Market this morning with a flash mob,” reports Josh Meny in Saturday’s (8/19) KRTV News (Great Falls, Montana). “They performed an abridged version of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, Ode to Joy. Today’s flash mob was the first public appearance the symphony’s new director, Grant Harville, has made since conducting the holiday concert last year. The performance also served to expose the Symphony to the community in a new way. According to Christopher Mothersole, the symphony’s principal clarinet, the goal of many symphonies is to find new ways to engage audiences.… ‘This flash mob thing has happened a few different times across the country and across the world,’ he said. ‘I thought this would be a really good idea to sort of emerge ourselves into the community a little bit more.’ ”

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