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The next Alumni Anniversary concert will be Sunday, December 29, 2024. Mark your calendars for an afternoon rehearsal, meal and concert at the Mansfield Theater in Great Falls.

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Hello to all.

It has been my privilege to take up Maestro Johnson's mantle leading the Youth Orchestra the last four years. I will echo his pride in watching the growth and the journey of the young musicians who have come through the program in my brief time at the helm, and my hope is that we can continue to be a positive influence on our students' lives for years to come. The pandemic was a unique challenge for us, but I'm happy to say we've come through it safely, while still being able to put on the kinds of concerts we strive to, albeit under some unexpected circumstances. (Winds and percussion, we're looking forward to having you back this fall!)  


Of course one honor I haven't had is to meet many of the great musicians who made the GFYO program what it was those first couple decades. The 25th-anniversary alumni concert is a great opportunity for us to hear what you've been up to, connect with old friends, make new ones, and, of course, gather around music as we've done so many times in the past. As Maestro Johnson says, a bit of rust is no barrier to (re-)entry, so we hope we'll see you there - the more the merrier. 





Dear Friends,

It will be twenty-five years, this season, since the Great Falls Symphony established the Youth Orchestra. The project was designed to create a positive experience for young musicians. While the orchestra was intended to focus upon musical development, it has proven to be much more. Over the course of twenty-five years many of our members have gone on to distinguished themselves in a variety of careers, including music!


Through using musical involvement as a metaphor for excellence, we have been able to maintain a forum in which young adults can develop their social skills, citizenship, musical expertise and have fun while doing so.


The Symphony has scheduled a reunion concert in celebration of this Silver Anniversary. Maestro Harville and I will share the podium in creating a festive rehearsal and concert designed to reacquaint you with some of your favorite pieces, connect with friends and acknowledge the success of a treasured Great Falls institution.


Haven’t played for a few years? No problem. We will choose pieces that will be accessible to all.


Your participation in the Youth Orchestra was part of the special magic that made those Sunday afternoons at the Mansfield Theater memorable.


Please plan to come join us!





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