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Because we are offering our 2020 - 2021 concerts FREE of charge, the generous support of local businesses, philanthropists, patrons, volunteers and individuals is crucial.

It is the dedicated support of our entire community that enables us to do what we do:

Perform outstanding music for YOU, our audience.

The Symphony’s mission is to infuse cultural vibrancy into the Great Falls community through transformative music events and education programs. We are a cultural asset in North Central Montana that raises the quality of life for its citizens through outstanding performing arts programs.   

Our collective pursuit of artistic excellence in collaboration with cultural and civic partners demonstrates how much our community can achieve when we work together with local organizations and businesses.

In order to make our performances accessible to all, we intentionally price our tickets so that they are affordable. The result is that the Great Falls Symphony is able to attract a large and appreciative audience (which means more ROI for our sponsors and partners).  We could not achieve this goal without this support.

There are many ways for individuals, families, and local businesses to support great music in our region. Explore the support links on this page or contact us to learn more!

Musician Spotlight

I'd like to introduce you to Valerie Westland.

With a background in behavioral science and psychology and as a Nuclear Weapons Operator with the United States Air Force, Valerie is a unique and wonderful addition to the Great Falls Symphony.

“When I was in 4th grade I was given a violin by my school’s orchestra teacher and invited to play with the 5th grade ensemble because I was loitering in the corner of the music room waiting for school to start each day. The violin chose me more than I chose the violin.”

A Colorado Springs native, Valerie continued to develop her skills on the violin and eventually caught the ear of a professor from the Manhattan School of Music. She was invited to attend this prestigious institution to study her art, but she changed her mind at the last minute and joined the United States Air Force instead.

“I was so afraid that I didn’t have what it took to make it as a professional musician, and so, at the wise old age of seventeen, I basically abandoned the thought of ever playing again after I joined the military. But then I discovered that Great Falls has an outstanding symphony.”


Valerie first heard about the Great Falls Symphony while listening to a radio advertisement for the concert Love is in the Air featuring violinist William Hagen. She decided to attend the concert and afterward she introduced herself to some of the musicians.

“When I met the members of the orchestra, I realized how welcoming they all were and I ended up taking lessons from violinist Mary Papoulis. A little while later I had the opportunity to audition for a permanent spot in the orchestra.”

Your support means so much more than a donation to the Great Falls Symphony. You are investing in the growth and enrichment of our community, and you are investing in our future.

“The Great Falls community has really brought out the best in me. I am so thankful to have been stationed here. It is the best first assignment anyone could ask for and I am requesting to stay longer!”

As you carry out your year-end traditions, we hope you’ll make a donation to support our work, which enriches the lives of our community through music.

Your support helps make Valerie’s story possible! Your gift will help us continue to pursue our mission to infuse cultural vibrancy into the Great Falls community through transformative music events and education programs.

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Additional programs under the umbrella of the Great Falls Symphony Association include Youth OrchestraSinfonia, the Chamber Music Series, the Youth Matinee Educational Concert Series, and our rural Outreach Tours.

These programs simply could not happen without the additional support of our generous donors.

Ticket sales cover only 1/3rd of our annual expenses.​

Monthly giving ... the easy way!

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The Sustaining Supporter program gives you a convenient contribution option that provides stable support to your live and local Symphony all year long. 

Every contribution—no matter how small or big—helps us pursue our mission.

Make your monthly donation by having your gift automatically charged from your checking or savings account, debit card or credit card. As a Sustaining Supporter, your gift is automatic– no checks to write, no payments to mail. You'll be supporting the many great Symphony programs  and our talented musicians.

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If you prefer to set up your monthly donation using the paper form, you can download it by clicking here. Print and fill out the form and send it to our office at P.O. Box 1078, Great Falls, MT 59403.




$10 - $24

Provides a tuition scholarship for one deserving student to participate in Youth Orchestra.

"Dean and I like the convenience of a monthly charge to our account. It is easy for us, while helping the Symphony provide the wonderful cultural experiences that benefit our community."

– Cheryl Nelson