For Parents: A Guide to Music Lessons

Incorporating music into your child's overall education

Are you thinking about having your child start music lessons or join the school music program? That is excellent! Music education can open up amazing opportunities for kids and play an important role in their academic and social development. 

You may have questions about how take the next steps on this journey. For example, "How do I acquire an instrument?" or "What should I consider when hiring a private lesson teacher?" To help make this process as smooth and easy as possible, we have gathered a group of Symphony staff, board members, and Core musicians to compile a guide for you. Collectively, this group has a range of music experiences to draw from—being a beginner music student, performing in a first recital, auditioning for college music conservatories, starting our own kids on lessons, teaching music lessons and so on.


We hope this guide answers all your questions or helps you find the information you need. If it doesn't, please don't hesitate to contact us

Your child NEEDS music in his or her life!

Music education is a big investment but it is incredibly rewarding and beneficial in more ways than one might think! Check out the "Why choose music" section of this guide if you're still not sure about adding music to your family's routine.

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