Parent's Guide to Music Lessons
Getting an Instrument & Music Supplies
Renting or Buying an Instrument

Your child's private lesson teacher or classroom music teacher should help you with picking an instrument to purchase or rent/lease. In fact, it is best to have a teacher involved as he or she can make sure it is sized correctly (if applicable) and is in good working order. Your private teacher will be the best expert on choosing instruments and they can also test the instrument before you commit to a rental or purchase. You are less likely to get a well-functioning instrument if you try to find one on your own. Keep in mind that playing on a damaged instrument may result in slow progress and a frustrating experience for your student.

When renting, leasing, or purchasing an instrument, consider the following:

  • Beginner rental instruments are designed with kids in mind—they are sturdy and can better withstand rough handling. 

  • Is the instrument a reliable brand? Do other families have good experiences with that make?

  • Does the music store offer an option for repairs? What about regular maintenance like cleaning, bow re-hair, or string replacement?

  • Artificially colored instruments are not desirable (click here for more information). Do not be tempted by blue, pink, purple or other painted instruments.

Local Instrument Rental Resources

Great Falls Public School Music Department

GFPS Beginner Instrumental Music Market

Eckroth Music

Todd's Music & Sound​

Nicholl's Band & Orchestra

Music Books and Other Supplies

All students should have a pencil with eraser for making notes on sheet music and a notebook for writing down assignments from each weekly lesson.

Method books, music manuscripts, CD's, spare strings, valve oil, reeds, and other supplies can easily be found at local music stores or online.